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Dan Artaev has provided high-level consulting to domestic and international companies specific to the skill-based real-money game industry and various other gaming law topics. If you are considering investing into a specific sector, looking to acquire or sell a gaming company, or need a legal opinion for your own operation, we can provide you with the services you need. Experienced and knowledgable, Artaev at Law is your go-to gaming law firm.

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Whether you are investing in gaming, want to acquire a gaming company, or simply want to get into the fast-growing global industry, we can provide customized and on topic consulting to help you do it right.

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Dan Artaev frequently writes about legal topics that affect the gaming industry.

FREE Business Law Essentials for the Modern Video Game Company

As a game developer, unless you are working on the new Ace Attorney game, law and lawyers are the last thing on your mind. But no matter how high-tech, innovative, and cutting-edge your product, video games and mobile apps are still a business and there are industry-specific legal areas to consider.

Play-to-Earn Web 3.0 Gaming Law Resources:

Are Play-to-Earn Video Games Legal in the United States?

Are play-to-earn games legal? The answer depends on the specifics of the game. For many gaming developers, play-to-earn is a lucrative business model in 2023 and beyond. These games…

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Real-Money Games of Skill Resources:

A Guide to Getting Your Skill-Based Real-Money Game Approved in the United States

Skill-based real-money gaming has been a popular form of entertainment across the world for hundreds of years. From Roman legionnaires wagering on…

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Is Playing Video Games for Real Money Legal? It May Depend on the Game

Skill-based real-money gaming is a growing industry worldwide. Previously, I wrote about the legality of playing casual games like Solitaire and bingo derivatives…

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Are Skill-Based or Pure-Skill Real Money Games Legal in the United States?

Skill-based, pure-skill, or simply real-money skill games are a hot new trend in the online gaming market. Games offered on mobile platforms like the iPhone and devices running…

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Real-Money Skill Gaming in the U.S: Is Your Game More Fantasy Sports or Pure Contest?

In 2021, there are many opportunities to play games for real money online, even if your particular state does not offer full-scale online casino operations. Daily Fantasy Sports (or “DFS”) is…

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The Three Types of Skill-Based Real-Money Games: Room for Innovation, Not Stagnation

The skill-based real-money gaming market remains a popular and innovative business environment. The draw for players is that they can play games and win real money, but also improve…

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The Facts About Real-Money Skill Gaming: Dispelling 5 Common Internet Myths

Artaev at Law advises companies looking to launch new technologies and tap into the skill-based real-money game market in the United States. In keeping up with the latest legal…

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How to Advertise Real-Money Skill Games on Facebook in 2022: A Legal Opinion is Necessary

In August 2022, Facebook updated its real-money gaming and gambling advertising application process. The updated form streamlined some of the required information and still requires…

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International Skill-Based Real-Money Gaming: Is It Legal?

Previously, I wrote about the legality of skill-based real-money gaming in the United States. But the U.S. is not the only country where skill-based games are popular – real money competition…

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IRS Rulings on Daily Fantasy Sports Wagering: What Does This Mean for Skill-Based Gaming?

Real-money skill-based games are very popular across the world and the United States is no exception. Generally, real-money skill games allow players to compete against others in various…

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