Video Games & Mobile Apps

Whether you are based in Hong Kong, Paris, or Miami, we can help you successfully market and distribute your game or app in the United States. There are many barriers to entry into the lucrative U.S. market, including unique intellectual property laws that are different from the rest of the world. Advertising, distribution, and monetization channels like Facebook, Apple, Google, and PayPal all have their own rules and approval processes. If you are offering real-money games, there are additional legal hurdles and requirements

Additionally, we can help you set up a corporate entity to facilitate intellectual property, banking, taxation, and other business concerns. Tax consulting is also available to help you run your business the right way and to minimize surprises from the government during tax season.

Ready to do it right?

Protect and Monetize Your Innovation.

  • Intellectual property analysis to help you determine your rights and obligations.
  • DMCA take-down notices and cease-and-desist letters, as well as responses to such communications.
  • Subsidiary incorporation to protect your operations and facilitate receiving money for your product.

Get Your Game or App to Market.

  • Compliance with Facebook, Apple, Google, and PayPal rules and regulations.
  • Legal opinions and compliance analysis for real-money gaming.
  • Licensing and distribution contract drafting and representation.

Michigan’s Esports Law Firm.

  • Contract review and negotiation.
  • Endorsement and intellectual property consultation.
  • Unique brand protection and retention.

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