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We are up to speed on all the latest cryptocurrency, NFT, and blockchain tech and legal developments. Whether you are investing, starting a new business, or evolving your existing company to leverage crypto assets, Artaev at Law is ready to help you do it right.

Tax consultation, review, and guidance.

Legal opinions regarding the latest IRS and state level crypto laws and regulations.

Business use tax analysis and risk assessment.

Planning for future tax law amendments and increased IRS enforcement.

Business formation and setup.

Setting up and incorporating your crypto business the right way.

Tax advantage consulting and business expense accounting.

Regulatory consulting.

NFT investment and unique intellectual property issues associated with digital assets.

Self-directed IRA and retirement account investment options.

Worldwide advisory services.

Cryptocurrency has tremendous utility in international business transactions.

International crypto regulation status and updates.

Smart contracts and international business transactions.

Currency selection and tax advantage consulting.

Crypto Resources

What Are the Tax Implications of Cryptocurrency and NFT Investing?

2021 is the year of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and its kin have attracted many institutional investors, smaller individual portfolios, and even some sophisticated self-directed retirement accounts. …

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How Can I Reduce My Crypto Taxes?

Despite its name, cryptocurrency or “crypto” is not really currency. For tax purposes, it is treated as “property,” which means it is taxed similar to stocks and bonds. As I previously wrote…

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Offsetting Capital Gains Through Loss Harvesting.

More than half-way through 2021, cryptocurrency remains an extremely popular investment. Although volatile and subject to unpredictable regulation (yes, that means China), the market has experienced…

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Can I Use Cryptocurrency in My Business? 

Crypto is big news. Elon Musk’s Telsa, Inc. (TSLA) made news in early 2021 when it announced that it had invested $1.5 billion in Bitcoin and had plans to accept Bitcoin as payment…

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Can a Self-Directed IRA (“SDIRA”) Invest in Cryptocurrency and NFTs?

Self-directed IRAs (“SDIRAs”) can be a powerful investment tool when used the right way. Instead of relying on a bank or brokerage to hold and invest your retirement accounts…

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Stablecoins 101: What Are They, How Are They Taxed, and Can I Use Them In My Business?

Cryptocurrency has significant business utility, especially in international transactions. Companies can exchange funds directly, without wiring fees or banking delays, and easily…

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Stablecoin Taxation and Securities Regulation: What Every Investor Must Know.

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies backed by other assets like fiat currency reserves, precious metals, commercial paper, and even portfolios made up of other…

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NFTs: Investing in Virtual Real Estate and Other Digital Assets.

I have previously written about investing in cryptocurrencies through a self-directed retirement portfolio and about using them in day-to-day business transactions. There is no doubt…

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What is a Security Token Offering (STO) and How Do I Use It In My Business?

A security token offering (or STO) is a 21st century blockchain-based alternative to a traditional equity or debt sale to raise company funds. Instead of selling units or shares, a company…

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Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and blockchain technologies are about choice.

We aren’t here to recommend you start using crypto. But we are here to enable customers, merchants, and businesses to move digital value, and to do it right.

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