Video Games/Mobile Apps

Artaev at Law PLLC is the only Michigan law firm that specializes in video game law and mobile apps. Need help with getting approval from Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, or another platform for your product? Are you an eSports player in need of contract review or representation? Efficient and effective, we help companies and players all over the world get their product to market. Additionally, we help developers with general business, contracts, licensing, intellectual property issues, and other industry-specific matters.

Launch and advertise your game or app in the United States.

Regulatory and intellectual property laws in the United States are unique and complex. We have helped international clients bring their products to the U.S. market, and can help you advertise and sell your product here as well.

Protect your product or service.

An innovative product, brand, or idea needs to be protected. We work with the top local intellectual property firms to ensure you get the right trademarks, copyrights, patents, or other protections for your business.

Monetize your product through licensing, transfers, or royalty agreements.

You’re in the industry to make money. If you are ready to expand your brand through licensing or royalty agreements, or you have been approached to sell your creation to a distributor, we can help you negotiate the right contract terms.

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