There is a better way to resolve disputes.

Between 2017 and 2019, only 0.87% of all Michigan business cases were resolved through a verdict at trial. The overwhelming majority were settled through mediation, dismissed, or still pending in 2021. Civil jury trials are being pushed back to at least 2022. Odds are that your case is going to resolve without a decision from a judge or a jury.

Dan Artaev is a trained and certified mediator who knows what it takes to get all sides to “yes.” He is an advocate of using the latest technologies to benefit his clients, as well as the advantages of the 100% online mediation process. The convenience, cost savings, efficiency, and flexibility of online mediation let all sides focus on the problem at hand, and come up with some truly creative solutions. Also, remote mediation emphasizes party control, empowering them to work together and resolve conflict in they way that they want – from the setting that is most convenient and comfortable for them.

As a litigator in state and federal courts across the State of Michigan for more than 10 years, Dan has represented businesses, private individuals, and community associations in courts across the State of Michigan. As a mediator, Dan uses all the latest techniques, tactics, and strategies to help the parties share information, collaborate, and ultimately find a creative solution that works in a confidential setting. He believes the modern facilitative approach can add value to any dispute – whether it is real estate, business contract, employment, or insurance. Mediation is ultimately a judgment-free zone that (confidentially) takes the parties outside the inherently combative and zealous process that is trial advocacy.

Still not sure if online mediation is right for you? Email Dan with any questions or call him for more information.

“Effective mediation is not about deciding who gets the bigger slice of the pie. A good mediator facilitates creative solutions that make the whole pie bigger.” – Dan Artaev

Clients hire Dan as an advocate because they want to “do it right.” Contact him regarding online mediation services, and find out what Dan can do to “make it right.”

“Dan has a reassuring, calming presence. Even when meeting him for the first time, people know that they can trust him.”

– Jessica H.

Ready to make it right?


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