The Wedding Litigator – Is COVID-19 Costing You Your Special Day?

As I like to tell my wife, I’m never getting married again. One and done. Weddings are not only stressful to plan with all the family drama, various vendors, scheduling, etc., they are notoriously expensive. According to industry data, Metro Detroit weddings cost an average of $35,000, and can easily top $100,000 for some particularly extravagant affairs. And, weddings are typically planned and booked at least a year ahead of time.

The wedding industry is yet another victim of COVID-19, making weddings essentially impossible to have given social distancing orders – and the fact that many of the vendors such as the caterer, bartender, photographer, may be shut down and unavailable. Rescheduling is no simple task either, as venues are typically booked well-ahead of time. Adding to the bride and groom’s frustration may be the fact that they have already expended thousands of dollars on deposits, which may now be in jeopardy. What are your options for rescheduling? What’s going on with your deposit? Do you have to file a lawsuit to get your money back?

You may need a wedding litigator – a business lawyer well-versed in Michigan contract law – to protect your rights. A lawyer can review the various contracts that you signed, advise you as to any remedies, communicate with the various vendors on your behalf, and assist you with getting relief. If a vendor is unwilling or unable to make things right through a refund, there are traditional breach of contract remedies to consider, as well as potential options under Michigan and Federal consumer protection laws.

A wedding is a joyous occasion that can also be stressful. This is especially true given the uncertainty of a global pandemic, cancellations, distressed businesses, and disrupted travel. An attorney can help advise you of your rights, help you ask the right questions of your vendors, and hopefully save you additional time, money, and frustration.

Business attorney Dan Artaev knows contracts and can help answer your wedding contract questions. Contact Dan today at

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